L'order Mondial 
What is Mondial?

Officially we are a specialised section of La Chaine promoting good wines, liquors and spirits – However I’ve always considered it a small subculture of the La Chaine comprised of people of extreme passion for the finest of wines and the finest of foods.

We drink vintages near extinction and wines most people will only read about. The cuisine is majestical. Limited seating – between 8 and 15 – Lucky People!

Cost of Dinner per person ‐ approx $100

Cost of Membership ‐ waived for Toronto Chaine members for 2014

Cost of a Unique Wine and Food Experience and a Tastevin for your Chaine ‐ Priceless!

Should you wish to join us please contact Cyndi Grossman  at cyndi@melleceywinegroup.com
Chaine des Rotisseurs
Bailliage de Toronto
2014 Upcoming Events

- March 7th at the Fine Wine Reserve  - click here for details

- April 29th at the Indie Ale House Brewing Co - click here for details

- October 2nd at The Caledonian​​​​​​ - click here for details