La Chaine des Rotisseurs, Bailliage de Toronto had a very special dinner at Sushi Kaji Restaurant. A small reception of tea was held before we were taken into the dining area, where we were welcomed by gracious and attentive service.  After being seated, we were continuously in awe over each offering. From a Daikon Radish Cake, Lily Bulbs stuffed with Uni, Sea Eel Tempura to Lobster and Shimeji Mushrooms. Each Course complemented perfectly with exceptional Sake. It was truly a unique and unforgettable experience.
Feb 22, 2010
Kaji Restaurant

Daikon radish cake with egg york sauce paired with okra sake

Shrimp on buttersquash cake
Vinegar snow crab with pear cup Octopus tara potato cake

Lily bulb cake stuffed with uni, paired with genshu sake

Sea eel tempura

Grilled trout and shimeji mushroom with miso and ginger sauce
Sushi and noodle, paired with otokoyama sake:
- uni, toro, lobster, and noodle with ginger & green onion
- unagi (sea eel) sushi
- scallop, toro, sweet shrimp, hamachi, snapper, tuna
- grilled toro sushi

- hamachi
- lobster
- tai
- raddish salad
- tuna with gold leaves