Ernest Liu - Vice Argentier

(1) Bacholar in Mechanical Engineering
(2) Master in Business Management
(3) Profession Engineer in Production
(4) Has worked in England in Building Research, Lucas (aircraft equipment division)
(5) Managing Director of Atlas Electronic in Malaysia (OEM supplier for Sony)
(6) General Manager of Sabre Time (a division of Seiko watch)
(7) Chief Executive of Binatone Electronic (a British Electronic importer)
(8) Immigrate to Canada in 1990 and started Salad King since 1991
(9) Has been in the restaurant business for the last 19 years.

Although Ernest likes eating, he prefers simple food. Simple but tasty food is very difficult to make and not too many chefs can do it right.
He had many good meals before, but the most memorable one is from el bulli. The experience started from the moment he left Barcelona. Being able to stay in a beautiful hotel facing the sea and watch the sunset before driving off to the restaurant was so much to enjoy. He hadn't even thought too much about food at that time. He appreciated the attention to details and the innovation. Exploring Roses next day was another highlight. Ernest and his wife, Linda, actually enjoyed the grilled fresh fish from a local restaurant more than el bulli. In whole, it was the overall experience that made his meal a memorable one.